February 23, 2009

Free the Slaves

I would like to thank everyone so much for all taking time to look at my blog. All of your lovely comments make me so happy. I never expected to get over 20 comments on one post!

Last night while watching the Oscars I was so impressed by the few who took their victories as an opportunity to speak out about injustices, like Dustin Black who won for "Best Original Screen Play" with his screen play for Milk, and took his 90 seconds of air time to speak on behalf of the gay community.

Following Black's example, I would like to speak out about something important to me, while I have all of your attention: modern slavery.

Sex slavery, domestic slavery, and agricultural slavery are the most previlent forms of slavery in the U.S.

I became aware of this issue a few years ago after hearing a lecture done by a former child slave. I was surprised to find out that there are around 27 million people enslaved all around the world today. After becoming aware of this oppression I made it my mission to find a speaker to talk on this subject to my high school. Today Ron Soodalter, who's second book The Slave Next Door spoke about the thousands of people enslaved in the United States today.

I had worked very hard to secure a speaker for my school, and was so thrilled when Ron's speech was everything and more than what I could have hoped for!

I hope you all take time to check out this website: Freetheslaves.net, and spend some time educating yourselves. This issue is so much more than any of us could even imagine, and the first step to ending the problem, is education.

Thank you.

[image courtesy of Palm Beach Post]


Amelia said...

This is a really nice post.

Amelia said...

BTW, I love your header :)

Tina said...

you're an amazing girl! will def check the site out :)

Rabenschwarz said...

it's sooo good and important to speak not just about funny and good things so i was impressed too. also the introduction and the performences were great.

atelier said...

that is so sad. I wrote an article on soldier children and it is also so sad! we are in the XXI century but sometimes...

Anonymous said...

wow, good for you to use your blog to speak about something important to you.

and thank you for your comment, love!


ana b. said...

Trafficking for forced labour and forced prostitution is a truly terrible thing, pushed by the forces of neo-colonialism. This is a fantastic cause to be interested in and one in which the UN and other NGOs are currently active. Well done!

LoveMore said...

oh you total treasure..that is so sad..i knew it was occuring but not aware to what extent..that is heartbraking. :(
thanks for your comment beauty
love lmxxxx

we wear things said...

great post.. i'll definitely check out that site.

The Socialite said...

Wow. You're so amazing! Thanks for having the courage and bravery to actually take action for such a great cause! ;)