April 30, 2009

Colors of the Wind

dress: forever 21; belt: mom; shoes: mom...
My friend thought I looked like Pocahontis...

Tonight was the big Senior Dinner. The class of '09 was invited to have a dinner to celebrate our last day of classes. That's right - today was my last day of high school classes (excusing AP's which continue up until the exam date). All of the seniors were allowed to break out of uniform (yes, I'm also done with uniform, which was fun while it lasted, but man, I'm glad to be rid of it) and wear a t shirt representing the college they'll be attending next fall. It was kind of sad looking at all my classmates and thinking they'll be so far away next year. Graduation is still a month+ away but the seniors go do internships and such to keep us from being completely overwhelmed by senioritis, which means that my High School career has ended.

April 28, 2009

A zebra can't change its stripes.

Last night I went to a cafe in town as a little send off to the Polish exchange students who have been staying with my friends for the past month. The little cafe served gelato which was so delicious and such a great way to end a hot day! Especially a day like yesterday! The senior class banded together and turned our parking lot into a beach! Including sand. We all sat around outside, broke out the swimsuits, tanned, ate hot dogs, water ice, listened to music (played over speakers!). It was amazing. Then to top it all off that night I applied for a job with at the Cafe. I even spoke to the owner who was so nice! Hopefully they'll offer me a job since I don't think the Macy's job worked out.

dress: H&M, vest: JCrew; bag: Argentina?

Today was a "dress down day," a day when the student body is allowed to break out of the monotony of polo's and khakis, button ups and kilts. The special occasion was "spring" so I decided to wear my striped yellow mini dress. Tonight I'm going to a film festival for student film makers. A few friends from school have a short movie in the festival so I'm eager to support them as well as see the other films.

dress: H&M; shoes: Cole Haan (stolen from mom...)

p.s. look at how much paler the back of my legs are than the front of my legs thanks to tanning at the parking lot "beach" 

April 26, 2009

A Cup of Tea

Sorry for being a tad MIA recently. I haven't really worn real clothes considering I've had school and such, but that's all going to change soon! Next week is my LAST WEEK OF CLASSES! At my school seniors end classes early to begin a "senior project." This basically gives seniors an opportunity to do something they wouldn't otherwise be able to do, and it keeps us from slacking off too much. I'll be at school for two more weeks to finish up my AP classes, but I will no longer need to wear my little uniform. 

dress: target, belt: h&m, shoes: payless, lipstick: popster by mac hello kitty collection

Today is one of the first Senior celebrations - a mother daughter tea. Sadly my mom can't make it because she is having a show in her studio where people can come and check out her art, but I'm going with as an adopted daughter to one of my friends mom's. I'd hate to miss out on celebrating my impending graduation with the rest of the girls in my grade. Plus I get to dress super preppy and girly!

April 22, 2009


I am so happy to have been tagged for the first time by the lovely Chloe from Heart Shaped Morning. Thank you so much dear! I'm immensely flattered you thought of me at all. Also, this is my 50th post! Yay! I hope to continue posting more frequently in the future and maybe reach my next 50 more quickly.

answer the questions you have been tagged with, and then tag 3 people to answer 3 random questions of your own

1. What is your favorite mythological creature? Why?

Most definitely a unicorn. When I was little I was obsessed with them. My mother bought me tons of books with various styles of illustrations. This year in art history I was surprised to find out that the Unicorn is basically just a medieval phallic symbol. Isn't it interesting that only virgins can catch the long horned unicorn. 

2. If you could be any character from Alice in Wonderland who would you be and why?

I would most want to be alice. She might be naive to a fault, but she's beautiful and wild and curious. Last year I became mildly obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and began watching various movie interpretations on youtube. WOW! There are some wild films out there beyond the disney classic.

3. If you could be any flying creature, how would you choose to fly? (ie.hummingbird, butterfly, cardinal, blue jay, pegasus, peter pan etc.) 

I don't know if this is "flying" but I'd really like to be able to apparate like in Harry Potter.  Being able to just wish yourself somewhere would be amazing! I hope to always find time to travel and I know that sort of instant gratification of apparating would really be ideal. 

*if you could do something, anything in the world, what would you do?

I have so many goals for myself: Do a job I love, always incorporate fashion in my life, continue to write, publish a novel, be a mom, ect. but if I had to choose one thing that I can't forsee myself doing that I'd love to do it would be to dance. I have a friend who is an AMAZING dancer and I was so jealous when I attended her recital. Sure, I'm probably not the worse on a dance floor during a party or something but to be able to really dance - in a company or something - that would be my dream.

*if you could live on any planet-which one would you pick? why?

Oh, I suppose the Earth? I've never really thought about this. Ever. I think it would be nice to visit the moon. That lower gravity seems amazing. To live, yes, I'd have to choose earth. There's just too much here I haven't explored or experienced to want to contain myself to somewhere else!

1. What book character would you be if you could choose any book at all? Why? 

My favorite book has always been Eloise by Kay Thompson. Most of my favorite book characters are tragic and isolated but Eloise is so independent, extroverted, rebellious, confident and creative. Many of my friends liken me to Eloise and I even tried to write a college essay about the effect she's had on me. Still, there are many differences between me and the privileged 6 year old who lives in the Plaza. For one, her mother knows CoCo Chanel. Mine does not.

2.What movie made you want to turn your life upside down, get involved in some adventure?

Hmm, I suppose this answer relates to my pervious answer. I think the best I can answer this question is by saying the movie I would most like to live out would be Funny Face staring Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, and Kay Thompson (author of Eloise). Who wouldn't adore being discovered by Photographer Fred Astaire and being jetted off to Paris to be a muse for a famous fashion house while holding court with the beatnik "extestentialists"  

3.What is your collection obsession (books, sugar cubes in wrappings, scarves, cinema tickets)?

Makeup. I have a bit of a problem. While I wouldn't consider my collection ridiculous I definitely have more makeup than my friends. I like to keep up with the new MAC collections and I'm always experimenting with new colors and combinations. For prom I wore my first pair of false eyelashes! I couldn't have been more thrilled. I've also been very into lipstick recently. 

1. if you could have a little, secret room, all yours, what would you fill it with?

I'd love to be able to say books, but to be honest I don't read as much as I like. If I had a secret room I would want it to have a secret entrance for one. Maybe behind a bookcase. I would probably fill it with junk, honestly, and snacks. My friend's mom has one of those printers boxes. I would want my secret room to look like a giant printers box. 

2. what would you do there?

I guess keep things, all my junk. Hopefully my house will be clean and more minimalist, so that room would be a place for all my secret nick-knacks. Right now I kind of have a secret room, its not a sercret, its just all mine. I was given the guest bedroom about 3 years ago when my parents realized we hadn't had a guest, ever. It's my space, where I can watch TV and nap in peace. Not that it's that hard to find peace in a house for 4+ filled with 2. In my secret room I would like to watch movies mostly, and look at things, and draw, and write.

3. who would be allowed to visit?

Probably no one, I really enjoy my alone time. I really take advantage of weekends to detox from constant social activity of the week. Sure, I hang out with friends, but I also take time to be by myself and sleep and watch tv and movies. A secret room is the ideal place for all of these things.

Now for my questions:
1) Do you believe in ghosts and if you do have you ever seen one?
2) Would you rather be a city mouse or a country mouse?
3) What reality TV show would you most like to be on?

And I would like to tag the following 3 individuals: 

Hemaly from City Slick
Alice from Alice's Diary

April 20, 2009

Teenagers need not apply.

jacket: Argentina; tank: J Crew; skirt: Gap; shoes: UO

I had my first real job interview on Sunday! Like almost all teenagers (and about 9% of Americans) I am looking for new income opportunities. Ideally I could get a great summer job at some sort of chain retail location and then I'd be able to transfer to another location in Boston where I'll be attending college. The store where I interviewed Sunday magically fit that criteria! Must be the magic of Macy's!

I think the interview went well, so hopefully they'll need some extra help over the summer. I've also tried to find jobs in other more local stores, but its not really the best time to be entering the work force. I tried my best to appear "work appropriate." This is something I'll have to become accustom to as I begin an internship at a magazine in Philadelphia next month as the last leg of my High School career. I would have liked to wear sandals with this outfit but I once heard they're not good in an office setting.

April 18, 2009

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"

Prom was last night and it was overall a great evening. It was held at the Union League, an old gentleman's club notorious for its formerly stringent membership qualifications. Luckily they now let minorities and women in, and through the front door too! My how times have changed. The architecture of the Union League has not changed though, making it a beautiful building with marble stairs, tall pillars, and a large beautiful ballroom.

The DJ was bad, and somehow neglected to think that a high school dance, or more likely, high school teachers would prefer the "clean" versions of songs. He also didn't realize that no one cares what he thinks and he shouldn't talk, ever, just play music.

Despite that it was so great to see all my friends and classmates dressed in their finest. Everyone was so friendly and happy to see each other. I love going to a small school because I really do know every single person in my grade and most of the people in the grade bellow mine. We all enjoyed seeing each other in something other than school clothes. Sadly, my school days are almost over and I can't help but feel nostalgic... 

April 15, 2009

Be nice to me...

I gave blood today!
and after I gave blood they gave me a sticker which said so!

Vogue China, 2009, courtesy of  foto_decedant

I donated one pint of blood to the American Red Cross during my schools blood drive. Last year I couldn't donate because of a sad little cold, but this year I had a clean bill of health! If you can get out and donate blood do it! It's great and isn't that scary and doesn't hurt that much at all. One pint of blood can save 3 different people!

April 14, 2009

Control Freak

So, I'm incredibly stressed out. I have been for a while. Luckily, Prom is Friday, and once that is over much of my stress will be alleviated.

Until then I will be obsessing over my hair and makeup.

Scarlet Johanson is too beautiful - but the orange eyeshadow?

Considering my vintage dress I thought a modified bee hive (as seen on ScarJo above) would be the ideal choice. Hopefully my hairdresser will have her own suggestions. I'm so lucky to have someone I trust to do my hair, she's been dong my hair ever since I was in middle school.

I'm going to MAC to get my makeup done. I had my makeup done at MAC last year before prom and it was amazing! While I know they'll do a fabulous job and be able to get my skin looking flawless and my cheeks rosy and beautiful it's hard for me to give up all that control to someone I don't know. In the end I know it will be worth it.

All of the stress of prom will be worth it...

April 12, 2009

Life's a Drag (Queen)

leotard: AA; belt: vintage; skirt: Aqua (Bloomingdales); tights:??; boots: UO

Last night me and a few of my girl friends headed into Philadelphia for my very belated birthday party. In order to celebrate my big one-eight I thought it would be fun if we went to Gay Bingo, a monthly event which raises money for the AIDs Fund Philly.

It was a great night! Each round of bingo had a prize of $100, and while none of my friends won, we had a great time trying!

Oh, and did I mention the whole event was hosted by a handful of drag queens!? Yes. Plus each month has its own theme. This month was a time warp into the '80's. Don't you like the Madonna inspired look above?

Overall it was a great cause and great fun!

April 10, 2009

"Butterfly Flutter by"

I borrowed my moms leather peacoat when I got cold. it's so beautiful, i wish i could keep it forever.

I've meant to post in the past few days, I really have, but between a the holidays, family dinners, and a small stomach bug I haven't quite made time to take pictures or upload them. Wednesday I had Passover dinner with my dad's family (and his gf, and his gf's mother, gf's daughter was absent though). Thursday I had dinner with my moms family. Neither family felt the desire to cook so I was forced to spend this holy day in restaurants with makeshift passover specials. Somehow I don't think that's how God intended for us to remember one of His greatest miracles. 

Thursday I did manage to get pictures. Please excuse my face, I haven't been in the most upbeat of moods. I did wear one of my favorite dresses - a French Connection butterfly print dress which I think has the perfect mix of youth and elegance. It's season versatile and so flattering. I also got a chance to wear my new 4" shoes which I picked up at DSW earlier this week. I was a little overdressed for the event (because seriously, classy families suck it up and have holidays at home, where they belong) but that didn't bother me.

Expect another post on Sunday! My very belated birthday party is Saturday and it's sure to be a riot. 

Also, my last post was my first to receive 30 comments! All of your comments make me feel so happy and special and I'd just like to thank you all for your support. I never imagined anyone would read my blog, let alone over 30 people! Who knew. Thank you.

April 5, 2009

Sweet pea, apple of my eye...

Friday me and my friend Sophi went to an Amos Lee concert in Princeton, NJ. I wasn't really familiar with his music besides his one song which is featured in an AT&T commercial. The concert was great! He's an amazing singer songwriter with a great voice and beautiful lyrics.

Sophi and I had fun dressing up for the concert!

tunic: forever 21; belt: ralph lauren; tights: gap

Isn't her dress cute! She picked it up on a recent trip to italy.