August 21, 2009

little boxes

street art by Vinchen courtesy of wooster collective

hello. i'm sorry i haven't been much of a blogger. i feel like every post i've made recently has been me apologizing for sucking at blogging... but at the moment i'm packing for college and my moms trying to pack up the house too, she's moving into a new place. basically neither of us is very organized or motivated so this isn't going that well...

also, i finished Slaughter House - Five which was amazing! I truly adore Kurt Vonnegut. I think he's brilliant and can't wait to read more of his books. I've also read Cat's Cradle which was equally excellent. Both come highly recommended. Tell me if you've read any other Vonnegut and if you've enjoyed it. Hopefully I can pick up another book before Monday when me and my mom will drive 7 hours up to Boston to move me into my dorm (ah!)

August 13, 2009

graphic and graphics

i'm seriously in a very anti war mode at the moment, between reading slaughterhouse 5 and finding these amazing vintage magazines that once belonged to my grandfather. As my mom has been cleaning out our house and preparing to move to a new place she has unearthed some old editions of Avante Garde magazine. According to wikipedia Avante Garde magazine was published between 1968 and 1971, in the midsts of the cold war. It's filled with images and article that some might find obscene now, and I can only imagine their impact in the 1970's. Apparently an article written by supreme court justice William O. Douglas was used as evidence during his attempted impeachment. Yeah, that's edgy.

My favorite parts of the magazines though are the imagines of course, which art graphic and mostly done in the pop art style. Luckily there's a duplicate of one of the magazines so I'm eager to rip out the pages and decorate my dorm room which I move into a week from Monday!

these are lost of stolen pictures... and i'm sorry for not giving credit or asking permission or whatever... but i'm also lazy and don't take credit for any of these pictures, and i'm sure whoever posted them online initially didn't call up the person who copywrited (copywrote?) the mag to begin with so whatever.

August 11, 2009

do the math

DSquared2 FTW 2009 - courtesy of
How Olsen is the cup of coffee?

While I adore fashion, I also have a strong love of makeup, which is why I get a little excited whenever MAC does a collaboration with a fashion line. Serioulsy, H&M and Target are known for their designer partners? Add MAC to the list too! Dsquared2 will be putting out some lovely lippies and and other fabulous face products this October.

courtesy of butterflydiary

While I find the packaging kind of underwhelming the scuplt and shape product is definitely on my list! These products come in separates as pro-products, but are rarely combined and rarely in the normal MAC stores.

Will you be buying anything from this collection?
How do you use makeup to compliment your fashion?

August 9, 2009

will i never learn?

jacket: argentina, tank: madewell, shorts: AA, boots:

hello lovelies. i've had a busy few days, spending some time down the shore, and then spending the day visiting old friends in new york city. i adore the shore but my hubris self decided i didn't need sunscreen. bad move. i'm terribly sunburnt and i'm sure you'll be able to see the red in my pics from my city outfit. i tried my best to cover my skin from the sun by wearing my little grey jacket.

It was so great seeing my old friends! The friends I met were friends I made in fifth grade at summer camp. Now I'm going to be a freshman at college and one of the girls is going to the same university as me! We've all grown up in different places and have always made time to see each other and it was great catching up. We went shopping in SoHo, stopping at Top Shop where I bought a sweater with a panda on it, and at Uniqlo where I bought a cute purple corduroy skirt. We also picked up these adorable cupcakes (pictured above) from Baked by Melissa.

P.S. I love my followers! Seriously! I want to buy you all little cupcakes!

August 4, 2009

all points west

a shot of a few of the art instilations at APW in front of the manhattan sky line

Wow, i've been such a lazy blogger lately it's not even funny. I guess I've just been on summer break too long. Friday was one of my busiest days in a long time. Me and my friend woke up pretty early in order to train it all the way to northern New Jersey for the epic All Points West music festival. All of the acts were amazing, my favorites included Vampire Weekend, The Nationals, and of course Jay Z. I was also impressed by all of the amazing art installations and fashion although the rain kind of distracted from all of that. I was glad I chose to wear my rainboots because by the end of the day I was covered in mud and soaking wet.

July 31, 2009

hello. goodbye.

I just wanted to do a quick post before I left for All Points West. I won't be back until late saturday and I probs won't post then... so, just thought I'd give a breif update. I really wanted to wear my romper I picked up at the flea market last week but it looks like its probably going to rain all day so I decided to wear something that complimented my rain boots and rain coat a little better. Not quite as fun, but I'll just have to find another occasion to wear my romper...

July 28, 2009

fashion & festivals

Sorry for the minor hiatus. I was visiting my best friend in New York and didn't get a chance to take photos. I'll be busy this weekend too. Friday me and my friend are attending the All Points West music festival. I'm so excited! We'll be seeing groups like Vampire Weekend, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and and Jay-Z. In honor of summer music festivals here some street style shots from Coachella and Bonaroo (courtesy of,):



If anyone is gong to APW let me know!

edit: some people seem to be confused. these are not my pics, they are from

July 22, 2009

you know you're having a lazy summer when...

+ your girlfriends come over and you dress up like a six year old on crack and rent the Jonas Brothers concert
+ you do the bollywood dance workout on demand at 1:40 in the morning
+ you laugh hysterically at toddlers in tiaras on TLC
+ spending a day by the pool is a busy day

July 20, 2009

these boots are made for walking

I ordered two pairs of boots from Free People and was more than excited when they came. They're both adorable and exactly what I've wanted - low boots that can be worn with pants, skirts, or shorts. Oh and both pairs were under $100.

I wore this outfit to do a little dog sitting with a friend and then I met another friend for gelato. The town I live in is historically Italian and there are two different places where you can buy gelato within a block of each other. The Gelateria we were in was so adorable - the owners wife was working the counter that day and she chatted with a friend in italian while me and my friend enjoyed gelato covered in a shot of espresso. yum!

July 17, 2009


I must admit that at 18 years of age I like toys. Which is weird, because when I was at the age at which love of toys is supposed to peak, probably around 7 or 8, I wasn't much for toys. I preferred playing with my imagination. I preferred dress up. Now it is socially unacceptable to play pretend, it's called mental illness or poor adjustment. Dress up is generally ok as long as there's a theme party and alcohol involved... but besides that, imagination isn't quite cool. Maybe I am poorly adjusted afterall, although I'll deny any mental illness, thank you very much, and that's why I've started collecting designer toys.
i bought this hello kitty figure at urban outfitters and was happy to receive the rainbow one!
I just think there's no better way to decorate my freshman dorm that with little pieces of brightly colored plastic that can be described with adjectives like "cute" or "fun." My friends think I'm wasting money and call me a creep. I ignore them.
I've recently bought a hello kitty and a cupcake. I can't wait to expand my collection, although I hope my college room mate finds my habit as adorable as I do.

Cannibal Funfair toys available at Kid Robot - a store notorious for its immense selection of  designer toys and street art inspired apparel and posters

July 14, 2009

summer in the city

(l) dress: AA, sweater: borrowed from friend, shoes: UO (r) tank: madewell, skirt: UO, necklace: (flea market find) Alex & Chloe, bag: Zara

Sunday was as busy as my summer has been lazy. I woke up around 8 in order to get ready to go to a Punk Rock Flea Market at the Starlight Ballroom Philly thrown by R5 productions (a show promotion agency in Philly). It was day two of the flea market so the pickings might not have been as good as they were on saturday but I still managed to pick up a perfect floral polyester romper for $10 and a book on baby endangered animals. My other great find was also a acrylic necklace that I thought looked very familiar. After doing some research I realized it was in fact an Alex & Chloe necklace (featured in both outfits above)! And I only paid $5 for it. Then me and my friends headed over to Buffalo Exchange where I was able to sell some of my old clothes.

After returning home I changed out of my sweaty clothes and went to dinner with my dad, girlfriend, and girlfriends daughter which went alright. Then around 9:15 I met some friends at a hookah lounge for a little going away party for my friend Sarah who is going to be a camp councilor for the next few weeks. Finally I got home around 1 and just collapsed.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did.

July 12, 2009

this is where i call home

shirt: madewell, skirt: ae, belt: vintage, shoes: steve madden, bag: BCBG

Yesterday me and some friends headed into Philly for shopping and dinner. It really is a very under-rated city. There's tons of art and shopping and really amazing restaurants. I mean what else would you expect from the city that gave you the constitution as well as the Urban Outfitters trifecta (UO, Anthro, and Free People). Sure, maybe we're a little dirty and have a problem with violence and poverty but we are also the second largest college city in the US! Next year I'll be living in the first largest college city but I'm sure I'll miss the beautiful city I've grown up in.

July 8, 2009

i've got sunshine

I finally broke out my Sperry's which I won in a Lucky Style Spotter contest (along with $500!). They're just so yellow... which I mean, i love about them. That's why I picked them, but they're hard to fit into an outfit. Tuesday me and my friend had dinner with two other girls who are also going to the same college as us. It was so nice getting to know our potential classmates and the food was amazing!

Today I tried updating my computer hardware and managed to "misplace" all of my files, forcing me to take my baby into the apple store. Luckily the guy was able to find my pictures and such (allowing me to make this post) but he told me I'd have to get a new hard drive beacuse mine was on its way out. At least we caught it now. I'm now in the process of backing pu all of my files. Fun times.

July 4, 2009

life's a beach

Happy fourth of July! I hope everyone enjoyed this lovely day of frivolous patriotism. I know I enjoyed the holiday, spending the day down at the jersey shore with my friends, having a cheeseburger for lunch and a crepe for dinner - so America. I also got a chance to wear my new fedora, the fedora I've been searching for for ages!

hat: j crew, sunglasses: raybans, blouse: forever 21, shorts: jcrew

Also, question: What do people who don't live at least driving distance from the beach do during the summer? Seriously... where do you go?

hat, le sport sac backpack, shirt, sunnies - beach essentials!

July 2, 2009

back in time

Unemployment doesn't suit me. Honestly, now that I'm home and not traveling all over like I was last month summer vaca has been lazy! And this laziness has motivated me to watch even more trash tv than I normally would (which is actually a lot anyway...). One of my favorite guilty pleasures at the moment has to be Paris Hilton's My New BFF. The only thing I object to about this show is Paris's 1920's influenced style (yes, it's the style I'm objecting to, not the shameless fame whoring).

I love vintage styles, the 1950's, 60's, and 80's are among my favorite decades, and while I can even get behind victorian or greecian inspired looks I am just not digging the flapper look. It's a little too middle school halloween party for me. I don't mean to imply that Paris is some fashion icon, I only mean to show my distaste for her new image. I don't mind the over the top pretty in pink, it's just this attempt at individualism that bothers me. Although, maybe Paris has had a history lesson? Her lifestyle does match that of the party girl flapper who flaunted her boyish figure in scandalous mini skirts.

pictures courtesy of

June 29, 2009

read my mind

sweater: gap, tank: heritage 1981, shorts: j crew, sandals: cole haan

I went to my final grad party the other day. I guess that means high school is over. I also made the mistake of wearing a shirt with words on it. Usually I choose to wear more simple classic styles but I thought this shirt was cute and it kind of reminded me of a shirt on Pixie Market. The problem was that people liked to read my shirt to me... not fun.

June 27, 2009

no one loves scarlet more than rhett

So I'm back from orientation! It was such a good time getting to meet so many people and choosing my classes. I'm especially excited to take intro to anthropology! I didn't get a chance to photograph most of my outfits (I didn't want to look like a creeper) but here's the outfit I wore the second day:

dress: modern amusement, shoes: steve madden

June 22, 2009

you've been warned

Disclaimer: I've been super lazy lately and resorting to t shirts and shorts beceause well, I go nowhere and own no clothing. I think I have a good sense of style (what else would drive me to create a blog devoted to fashion?) but thanks to years of uniformity and a summer spent hiking in Israel I have very little clothing that suits me or my current lifestyle (which is pretty much me doing nothing - yay unemployment). I'm slowly trying to put together a wardrobe that truly suits me. Hopefully this blog will follow that journey.

I love how my face doesn't tan yet the rest of me is nice and sun kissed
dress: vintage, shrug/cardi?: my friend brought it back from italy?, shoes: DSW

So, I've been wearing this dress a lot! Like, A LOT! I'm sure you've seen it at least three times in the past month. That's like once a week. I just find it so beautiful and summery and versatile. I've worn it with a scarf and jacket, I've worn it belted at the waist, and the other night I wore it with a long shrug. I could have tied up the shrug but I loved how long it hung! I thought it created the nicest silhouette.

I wore this outfit to my Aunt and Uncle's anniversary/birthday party. It was so nice to see all my family although everyone was coupled off - except me. I'm the baby and all of my cousins are in their mid to late 20's so and involved in serious relationships. Me and my aunts mother were the only people there without dates. Lame. But I still managed to have a good time by discovering the pomegranate martini.

Tomorrow I'm driving to Albany with my dad to visit my brother then driving up to Boston  to attdent my college orientation. It still hasn't quite hit me that I'm done with high school, that I can't go back, that next fall I will begin school in an entirely new city with entirely new people. I'm nervous but still so excited! Hopefully I'll get a chance to blog while I'm there.

June 18, 2009

"For somebody who don't drive I've been all around the world"

While punk inspired looks may be more trendy at the moment (and I can't deny loving the look as well - I have big plans for a pair of jeans and some bleach tomorrow) I still hold a soft spot for the 1970's look. Thats probably why this song delights me so much:

This song was part of my friends mix CD that we listened to whenever in the car this week up in the Berkshires. Seriously, this song makes me nostalgic for a time period I never lived in. Luckily tons of designers seem to be channeling the same chakras as me when it comes to peace and love and have featured bohemian inspired looks in their fall 2009 runway shows.

Miu Miu, Vivienne Westwood, Missoni

pictures courtesy of

June 14, 2009

ta ta for now

So I've been immensely busy and immensely tiered all weekend. I've spent lots of time with friends, going to hookah, going to grad parties, and cleaning my room. Tomorrow I'm leaving for my friends cabin in the Berkshires to spend a few days swimming, relaxing, and partying with a bunch of my classmates in honor of our graduation! I'll be unplugged for the next few days but I'll be home Thursday, hopefully with lost of pictures and stories.

I always think of this song on hot summer days:

June 13, 2009


I am happy to announce that I am officially a High School graduate. I feel like this is all I've been talking about for the past like six months, but now its official. I have a diploma! I'm so happy to be done, there's a lot of stuff frustrating me at the moment, which can only be described as typically high school and it makes me even more ready to move on and go to college in a few months.

you can't really see the detail on this dress, but it had really lovely gold embroidery on the bottom
dress: anna sui for anthropology, shoes: DSW

June 11, 2009

split ends

I was in need of an emergency hair cut today. I had let my curls get too long and out of control. I meant to get a haircut about a week ago but I missed my appointment but never rescheduled. Then the humidity began and my already thick hair became curlier and frizzier. Then I realized "There is only one day until graduation!" I wasn't able to get in with my usual hairdresser with this timing so I made an appointment at a salon I used to go to, asking only "Is there anyone good with curls available?"

I went in and we had a short consultation, she said something about sexy bed head, I agreed. Sometime into the hair appointment I realized she was chopping bangs back into my hair. I've been missing my bangs so I was ok with this but now, it just doesn't look like my hair. Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow adjusted... hopefully, tomorrow is the day of my High School graduation!