January 13, 2009

Valediction and Urination

My brother Jake moved out yesterday. He had been living at home since he graduated college last spring, but there really wasn't any work for him around here, especially after the election (he was a political science major) so he's decided to move to Albany where he worked as a Senior and where his friends live.

While me and my mom are ok with Jake leaving us, Gus, the cat, is not as thrilled. Despite being and incredibly dumb cat Gus is able to sense when people are leaving. While Jake was leaving Gus decided to stage his own protest in the form of peeing on some of Jakes stuff. It's his own little way of saying, "fuck you."

This is not the first time Gus has objected in such a manner. While I was packing up a bag to go to my dads apartment for the weekend Gus urinated on a pile of tote bags I keep in the corner of my room.

It's disgusting, but at least I know he cares.

When Jake was leaving for the first time for summer camp I had my own sort of demonstration. Though I was only about 5 years old I was reserved enough to know not to pee on peoples things. Instead I taped all of my stuffed animals to the floor so they would not leave me too.

While I'm excited for Jake to finally begin his "adult life" it's hard to think that he will never live here again. The house I live in now is the only house I've ever lived in. Last winter my father moved out, and now my brother is leaving. In August I will be going to college and shortly after my mom will move to Santa Fe. Each of us is beginning a new life, but unlike most, we won't have any safety net to return to. In a way I will be sort of "homeless."

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flightless_bird said...

i love this post. it makes me happy. it's so funny your cat pees on things.
i'm done very little studying, and the studying i have done has been totally half-assed. i'm a failure, really, i am.
i know what you mean about being homeless...my parents are thinking of getting an apartment in new york once i go to college. and i looove my house right now, so it would make me really sad to never be able to come back here again. i hope my parents leave this house for me if they choose to move.