January 25, 2009


I beleive I am a Bokonist, which upsets me, not because I've spent the last 17 years of my life as a Jew, but because it means I subscribe to a religion made up by Kurt Vonnegut in order to make fun of religions, and this makes me feel as if my spirituality is a joke.

If you have no read Cat's Cradle, and to be honest, neither have I besides the first 50 pages so far, then I will explain Bokonism for you how I understand it: it is a religion based on the acceptance of the untrue.

The quote found in the begining of the book reads as follows:

Live by the foma* that make you brave and kind and he
althy and happy.

*harmless untruths

And honestly, this is how I view religion and Judaism. It makes me happy, I can't rationalize it, I don't beleive it half the time, and yet, part of me knows or wants to know, there is something greater out there, so I give into this "harmless untruth." I don't know if there is God or not, I like to think there is, but if not (which is probobly more likely) then it's just, harmless.

This realization makes me further realize I really want a tattoo.

I have always loved the Hamsa, a symbol of the hand of God which is meant to ward off evil. I think they're beautiful and I would love to have one permanently on my body, as a reminder that these harmless untruths or truths or whatever are ok.

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flightless_bird said...

it's so nice to believe in something just for the heck of it even though you know it's not really real. i honestly think that's the only reason religion is still around today to the extent that it is.

and i REALLY like that design. toooooootaaaaallllllly get that. if you want i'll sit with you and hold your hand while you do. and then i'll get something silly tattooed on my ass and we'll go shoe shopping.