January 8, 2009


In short, I failed my driving test today.  After failing the permit exam 3 times, and taking a year+ to actually schedule my driving test it can be established that driving is not a priority to me. I'm actually not a bad driver, it's just not something I enjoy, at times I even find it stressful. My brother likes to blame my parents, and their divorce, and he likes to blame me, because I like to quite things that I have to work at to become good at. I don't blame anyone. I just try to explain to people that I never need to drive.

I don't need to drive because I plan to live in a city for the rest of my life. I'm going to Boston University where I will not be able to have a car, and after that I will either stay in Boston or move to New York.

I don't need to drive because my friends drive me anywhere I need to go. When we make plans, "Do you need a ride?" is asked right after "Where are we going" and "What time?" It's become a given in the year and a half that I will need a ride because I will never drive.

Despite those two reasons I've listed above people still like to ask me, "Why don't you drive?" or "When do you plan on driving?" It's like there's something abnormal about me. There is nothing wrong with me for not driving. Honesty, I think there is something wrong with everyone else? What kind of over privileged world do we live in where every teenager drives? I hate to pull out the "children in africa" argument, but seriously, in most parts of the world, or America, lots of people don't drive or get cars.

I don't understand what kind of response people want when they ask me about my driving. "Oh, I don't drive because I'm blind in my right eye and am legally not allowed." "I don't drive because my right foot is gimp and cannot control the petals." "I don't drive because I'm against it and will promptly begin to walk or ride my bike everywhere I go."

I don't drive because I don't, and now I don't drive because I failed the test.

On a completely separate note...

I'm thinking of doing fashion and makeup posts so if anyone is interested in that I'd love a comment of support.

Actually... you have no reason to support that because none of you have seen how I dress, so...

Coming Soon (Maybe): A Fashion Post!


flightless_bird said...

1. i know exactly how you feel about not wanting to do things it takes work to do. natural talent seems so much cooler than having to work your butt off, doesn't it?

2. seriously, totally agreed about the driving. why the hell do we all drive? for me it's convenient because i live far away from school so the buses don't come out to where i live...but for those who can take the bus, what the hell is the problem with tkaing the bus?

3. dude, you totally don't need to drive, fuck it. need a ride?

4. yes, do fashion posts. you know what you could do? make videos of you like doing your eye make-up or something. post pics of your outfits, because i looove how you dress.

hannah kate, i love you. i hope we stay in touch when you go off to boston and i to baltimore :)

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm actually 21 (22 in a month) and I don't have my license either. My family is really pushing me to get one and I don't live in a city (but I would like to after college), but truth is, I hate driving. Sometimes it makes me nervous, but it always annoys me...
You are not alone. :)