January 20, 2009

First Term President, Second Semester Senior

Today was my first day as a "second semester senior." The S.S.S. is a rare breed, a high school student who has found themselves in the last half of their last year of high school. The S.S.S. possesses all the ideals and charisma of youth much every other high school student, as well as immaturity, but these traits, which are usually kept in check by the rigor of schoolwork and the threat of college admissions, are suddenly released as first semester grades are recorded.

There is a certain code of rules that applies to the Second Semester Senior, and the Second Semester Senior alone:

The S.S.S. does not do homework.
The S.S.S. attends class at their own discretion.
The S.S.S. does not study.
The S.S.S. does not stress out about C's.
The S.S.S. does not mind showing up to school late.
The S.S.S. understands that class time can be used for valuable socializing.
The S.S.S. enjoys spending time with their friends.
The S.S.S. treats teachers as equals, not superiors
The S.S.S. enjoys a good party
The S.S.S. likes to talk about their college, a lot.

Yes, the life of the Second Semester Senior is awesome.

Though I would like to think the world revolves around me, and that Obama's swearing into office coincided with the beginning of my second semester as a sign that I truly have hope for the upcoming months, I know that no matter what Obama would become president. Although that might sound depressing, it is truly empowering. I am so thrilled to have a president like Barack Obama in charge of my country as I transition into my adult life. No matter what I have going on in my life, Obama will still be in control, making the big decisions. I have so much hope and faith for this president, its unbelievable. 

As a S.S.S. I had the luxury of leaving school in order to attend the inauguration, this was not a libety the school gave, but one the S.S.S. assumes.

A group of friends and I drove into town to view the inauguration on the TV inside the café which we frequent after school. Café Tea, as it is called, is a lovely little space that offers a variety of exotic loose leaf teas. In a previous life the café was a dance studio where I took ballet after school, and now its where me and a bunch of people hang out after school.

As the students of the Academy filtered into Café Tea the owner, Sharon, welcomed us. "You're just in time." And so we sat, mesmerized by  Barack Obama. In the next four years Obama will work to prove himself as a worthy president of the United States of America, and me and my fellow classmates will transition from Second Semester Seniors, to college freshmen and beyond. We will also hope to prove ourselves, to discover all that we become, and hopefully achieve great things.

Today has been a very good day, a day of hope, and possibility.

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flightless_bird said...

cafe tea was fun!i love obama.
and sharon makes a mean turkey panini, too.
ahhhh, second semester seniors. we're awesome.