January 24, 2009

Conformity and Uniformity

I find myself in a fashion rut. As I grow older I find myself more and more open to more "out there" clothes. I've always loved fashion, ever since I sat in the audience of the Philadelphia Ballet and admired the sparkling costumes, but I've rarely had the courage to try out my own fantastical costume.

Recently the Academy has transitioned from a dress code to a loose uniform in hopes of elevating their obnoxious prep school status. This change may seem oppressive to some, but it has allowed me too escape many of the pressures in high school. I have slowly been riding myself of all Hollister and Abercrombie since the switch two years ago, and more and more daring fashion choices have been making their way into my closet. This might be a sign of maturing, but it also might be a respo
nse to the freedom of two wardrobes.

My school's uniform is fairly relaxed, it allows students to pick out their own skirts and pants as well as sweaters and sweatshirts, as long as they are within school approved colors - grey, black, navy, khaki, and red - and a polo from lands end, with the school logo embroidered above the heart. I have matched high waisted skirts and long cardigans with over the knee socks and penny loafers in order to mix up my school look.

(shoes: www.piperlime.com sweater & skirt: www.urbanoutfitters.com, socks: www.sockdreams.com)

Inexplicably, my school uniform has been influencing my weekend wardrobe. Whenever I'm out shopping I find myself drawn to colors like grey, black, and navy blue: school colors. Just as I began branching out I find myself sinking into another slump.


flightless_bird said...

oh my god i do the same thing whenever i'm out shopping! always drawn to school colors hahah. that's why i decided that every time i go and get clothes i have to get something yellow or green or purple. lol. that's stupid, i know.

p.s.knee socks are HOT, and i thank the dress code for making me buy some.

The Clothes Horse said...

Uniforms can really get into your head!
P.S. I do recommend War and Peace, but on it's own merit. It isn't a vehicle for Audrey Hepburn like other films she stars in--other characters spend as much, if not more, time on screen than her.

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