June 14, 2009

ta ta for now

So I've been immensely busy and immensely tiered all weekend. I've spent lots of time with friends, going to hookah, going to grad parties, and cleaning my room. Tomorrow I'm leaving for my friends cabin in the Berkshires to spend a few days swimming, relaxing, and partying with a bunch of my classmates in honor of our graduation! I'll be unplugged for the next few days but I'll be home Thursday, hopefully with lost of pictures and stories.

I always think of this song on hot summer days:


Damsels said...

AH my bf likes this lady
We Were Damsels

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Sounds like a fun week! Congrats on graduating btw!

elena-lu said...

have tons of fun!!

DaisyChain said...

have a great trip

Hanako66 said...

isn't that song amazing?

have fun!!!

The Clothes Horse said...

A cabin sounds lovely. And I love that song.

shopgirl28 said...

Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Looove the Berkshires, I live around there & spend lots of weekends hiking. Congrats on your graduation, & your dress is very pretty. :)

loft in soho said...

Lovely song!
and congrats dear!