August 11, 2009

do the math

DSquared2 FTW 2009 - courtesy of
How Olsen is the cup of coffee?

While I adore fashion, I also have a strong love of makeup, which is why I get a little excited whenever MAC does a collaboration with a fashion line. Serioulsy, H&M and Target are known for their designer partners? Add MAC to the list too! Dsquared2 will be putting out some lovely lippies and and other fabulous face products this October.

courtesy of butterflydiary

While I find the packaging kind of underwhelming the scuplt and shape product is definitely on my list! These products come in separates as pro-products, but are rarely combined and rarely in the normal MAC stores.

Will you be buying anything from this collection?
How do you use makeup to compliment your fashion?


Monica said...

I loved that D-squared collection. It's great to hear that they are working with MAC. As for the question on using makeup to compliment fashion... I think that while you can have fun with fashion and try out different things, your face should be a trademark. That would be my opinion, to stick with a make up ritual and not change it up too much.

Samantha said...

i love dsquared, the second look is my favorite!

Hanako66 said...

those colors look great...what a cool collaboration!

quelle said...

ooh thanks for the heads up! i'm excited now too!
i agree that the packaging is a bit of a disappointment, but i might pick up a product or two.

how i use makeup to compliment fashion? well, i tend to focus on my eyes mostly and don't like to pile on too much makeup in general. i try to have it compliment my clothes, as you say, not compete.

Denise said...

i am such a dummie when it comes to make up but fashion? yes!

Denise said...

i am such a dummie when it comes to make up but fashion? yes!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I'm make-up clueless...I love the "natural" styling of this though--the coffee cup is amazing.

Fashion Doohickey said...

OMG. I died. I waaaant one! ;D

cool blog! :D

issa said...

ooh love the looks.. so much layering.