July 17, 2009


I must admit that at 18 years of age I like toys. Which is weird, because when I was at the age at which love of toys is supposed to peak, probably around 7 or 8, I wasn't much for toys. I preferred playing with my imagination. I preferred dress up. Now it is socially unacceptable to play pretend, it's called mental illness or poor adjustment. Dress up is generally ok as long as there's a theme party and alcohol involved... but besides that, imagination isn't quite cool. Maybe I am poorly adjusted afterall, although I'll deny any mental illness, thank you very much, and that's why I've started collecting designer toys.
i bought this hello kitty figure at urban outfitters and was happy to receive the rainbow one!
I just think there's no better way to decorate my freshman dorm that with little pieces of brightly colored plastic that can be described with adjectives like "cute" or "fun." My friends think I'm wasting money and call me a creep. I ignore them.
I've recently bought a hello kitty and a cupcake. I can't wait to expand my collection, although I hope my college room mate finds my habit as adorable as I do.

Cannibal Funfair toys available at Kid Robot - a store notorious for its immense selection of  designer toys and street art inspired apparel and posters


Samantha said...

i fucking love hello kitty

jane st. clair said...

i think these are adorable. your friends may laugh now, but you're just ahead of the curve. trust me: when you go to college you revert back to being about 6. coloring, watching cartoons, and playing card games becomes the highlight of your day. my roommates and i used to play "pretty pretty princess," which meant doing full-on dress up and make up (sometimes complete with shared washroom haircuts) and then go to target or something.

these little figurines are adorable.

the little violet dress

Sher said...

You decorate your area any way you want to make you feel at home. I even decorate with a porcelain doll here and there throughout my house right now ;) We never out grow it!

Besides, the guys never grow out of video games LOL!

shopgirl28 said...

I like your collection.

kirstyb said...

Wouldnt worry i like toys too - my excuse? My best mate has a 2 year old h ah xoxox

Mermaid said...

Yay for fashionable girls who like vinyl toys! I'm a kid robot fanatic.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

these are the sweetest things ever!! :)

Samantha said...

your in luck lady new england has newbury comics they have the sickest toys!

WendyB said...

I have to avoid Kid Robot or I'd buy everything.

Stephanie Kim said...

this is a funny post because i just went to toys r us last wknd after not going for about 10 years...it seems so much smaller haha

Anonymous said...

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