August 9, 2009

will i never learn?

jacket: argentina, tank: madewell, shorts: AA, boots:

hello lovelies. i've had a busy few days, spending some time down the shore, and then spending the day visiting old friends in new york city. i adore the shore but my hubris self decided i didn't need sunscreen. bad move. i'm terribly sunburnt and i'm sure you'll be able to see the red in my pics from my city outfit. i tried my best to cover my skin from the sun by wearing my little grey jacket.

It was so great seeing my old friends! The friends I met were friends I made in fifth grade at summer camp. Now I'm going to be a freshman at college and one of the girls is going to the same university as me! We've all grown up in different places and have always made time to see each other and it was great catching up. We went shopping in SoHo, stopping at Top Shop where I bought a sweater with a panda on it, and at Uniqlo where I bought a cute purple corduroy skirt. We also picked up these adorable cupcakes (pictured above) from Baked by Melissa.

P.S. I love my followers! Seriously! I want to buy you all little cupcakes!


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Wouldn't it be great if we could all look so grungey alexa, sigh. Emmm, love those cupcakes!

Samantha said...

i love those shorts!!!

when do you move to boston for school?

June Paski said...

great combination :)
it's soo 90s grunge style, i love it


Monica said...

Those cupcakes look delicious. I love your boots. That sounds like a fun day.

jane st. clair said...

sounds like a really fun weekend!

i think i re-learned (or, rather, didn't learn) the sunscreen lesson every single summer until i was about 24.

the little violet dress

Domennie said...

yummy cupcakes:)

xtinagirl said...

Hiii cutie! :] Thank you for stopping by my blog! How exciting, you'll be a freshman soon! It passes by super fast because I really don't feel like a 4th year right now.

You should definitely wear whatever you want especially in college. I really feel like I'm more able to express my own creativity in college. I felt so limited in high school because everyone else wore Hollister and whatnot.

Lemme know if you wanna swap links!


Violet said...

nice look... hope the sunburn heels before you premire at your UNI... isnt the dawning of college wierd... its like your scared and your excited

thanks for visiting and thanks for the lovely comment

Vi from Cali

yiqin; said...

OMG I am so hungry now. They look really good!

AsianCajuns said...

Awww you look so cute in those shorts (Cath and I are currently drooling over madewell's jean leggings)- and that jacket covers your burn perfectly.

I. Want. Cupcakes. Yum!