May 7, 2009

XOXO Gossip Girl

As a kid who's grown up (relatively) in the private school system (I attended public school until fifth grade) I feel a special connection with Gossip Girl. Though my school is very little like the drama TV show, except for one party about 20 years ago where a bunch of kids broke into the school in order to continue a party - well, one thing lead to another and somehow a couch caught on fire, I still associate with the high pressure society and the modified preppy fashion.

That being said, I've also grown to have a love hate relationship with little J. She's cute and generally likable now that her wild child phase is over, but I can't ignore the fact that she had a Mrs. Bradey mullet a few months ago. Right now though, me and Jennie/Taylor Momsen (the actress who plays Jennie) are more in the love zone.

Reasons I love Taylor:

She's not afraid of fashion or makeup

She's in a band! And its not bad!

She writes her own lyrics - and they're all about drinking

She's almost like Lindsay Lohan but with a career

She's only 15 and acts like she's 21, but doesn't apologize for it like Miley
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Oh and she was Cindy Lou Who
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Please excuse my shameless celebrity indulgence... normal posts coming soon, but I've had AP's and such so nothing too exciting has been going on.


Sher said...

OMG, she was Cindy Lou? I never knew that! LOL!

Cup of Coffee said...

Oh speaking of Stella M. you're totally right! No animals harmed and that is definitely better! I like it!
And today you played in my weakness, Taylor Momsen, OMG this girl and her character is with Mischa Barton & Marissa Cooper the reason of my life! My story told on TV! I love it too!


The Clothes Horse said...

I think she's adorable. Personally I liked her rocker phase.

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I love her!! She smokes and everything, and she is just fifteen! Go rebel girl, break all the rules! I go to a preppy private school and i love my inner gossip girl connection!

alice said...

I love her a lot! She's beautiful!

Hanako66 said...

I love this post...she is just adorable:)

she does make me feel old.

yiqin; said...

Wow, first Ed, leighton, now she sings too!

Sher said...

Have a wonderful weekend with your Mom!

Stacy said...

i love taylor momsen! her picture is actually my computer's background photo
her style's awesome, i didnt even know she was in a band!

Emma said...

thank you for your comment! what APs are you taking?

Sarah A. said...

that Zombie song is AMAZING - the rest arent as great but she has the chops to make the band work, for sure.

plus, the perfect little outfit for a first gig.

O.C ROCKS. said...

I love her and her band 'Pretty Reckless' !! WOW !

Mare P said...

wow i didn't know she was in a band... she rocks!

Lotte! (of gurl fame haha) said...

I love Gossip Girl, ahhh.
We're so behind here though, I think next week is episode 16, but I've watched ahead online. The last one I saw was the one where Dan had sex with Miss Carr...

I love Taylor Momsen haha, I have such a girl crush on her. She's so cool - I'm jealous. How can she be my age and yet be so cool?!