March 9, 2009

The Greatest Night of our Lives

It's official, even though there aren't any flowers in bloom yet, and its still cold, but its prom season alright. Prom season, the period of time in which people only talk about prom. All I hears is"Who are you going with" "What are you wearing?" "Where is the after party?" and "Who's in our limo." Prom is a ton of effort for one night, and there's too much pressure to make it perfect.

Right now I'm right in the middle of figuring out who I'm going with, and I know after that I'll have to deal with all the other big questions. But lets be honest, the most important part of prom is the dress. Most of my friends are relying on me to find them dresses, which can be fun and challenging. I'm enjoying playing Rachel Zoe and picking out dresses that suit their styles and personalities.

I just wish I had all my own shit pulled together.

Here's my prom dress picks (for no one in particular):

the glamourous one:
nicole miller,

the bohemian one:


the bubbly one:

nanette lepore,

the rebel:
click for zoom

the vintage one:
click for zoom
Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent,

the sporty one:
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The girly one:
click for zoom
Diane Von Furstenberg,

the preppy one:
Silk Chiffon Ruffle Mermaid Dress
Vera Wang Lavender,

Tell me about your prom night, what you wore what you did, or if you're too young what is your dream prom like?


Emz said...

Omgosh those are amazing dresses! I wish I had such an awesome friend to pick a dress for me =) haha instead I stormed into Zara when I was in Japan and grabbed a dress haha- It was a short cocktail-ish dress, most people at my school wore short dresses.

nuha nuha said...

heyy thanks for leaving a comment :] ooh not so sure if it was victorian inspired, looks like it though! haha i love eloise, she makes me laugh, soo fashionable! yeah i tried to write an article on it for my local newspaper but after a sentence or two i completely gave up! it's too hard to talk about a children's book!

oh hey i saw that you're a pisces! then we're just the same :] i love ballet, never took it up but i always envy people who learn it, and the same thing happened to me, i fell in love with the theater, fashion and costumes through ballet. it's just so graceful and beautiful.

change links yes?

Franco said...

i say go with number 2, i didn't go to my prop, it was too tacky.

Hemaly said...

I like dress #2.
If you want to find prom ideas, I suggest buying the lastest Teen Vogue. They always have such great tips!

modern antoinette said...

I really love the Vintage gorgeous.

Thanks for the sweet comment. I'd love to see your blue skirt. As for myself, I can't wait for the snow to be gone. I just want to wear my open toe


Vintage Tea said...

I love love love the "vintage one" its so lovely

Please come visit me at Vintage Tea!


DaisyChain said...

I love the rebel one.
I had two proms, two years apart. For one I wore a floor length dress, plain but stunning made of chocolate brown silk,

the other I had a knee length pale lilac strapless dress with a fitted waist and silver thread spun through it.

I still have them both somewhere actually, makes me want to play dress up!

tanya said...

those are gorgeous, gorgeous dresses...I love the vintage one, glamourous one...okay, I love them ALL ;-)
I wore this huge ball gown of a dress in of course, fuschia with these adorable black silk vintage-y ballet flats--that year, all the girls decided to go slinky sexy with their black fitted dresses. I definitely stuck out. hehe.

Rebecca said...

my proms coming up soon aswell, so much pressure, ive got partner and dress and car sorted though ahha.
my dress is alot more promy, i have a post about it too
it should come up, its so fun finding a dress, i cant say i tried that hard though xxx

Morena Doll said...

Sweet loving comment right back at you.
xx, Morena

P.S. That "rebel" dress is the one Emma Roberts is wearing on the current TeenVogue issue. :)

Laroux said...

Out of those, the glam and the rebel dresses are my hot picks, but for a truly unique look, go vintage. For my year 11 ball I wore a raspberry satin halterneck dress that came just above my knee, a 1930's vintage chocker and black killer heels, but I have my Leaver's Ball coming up in May and have no idea what to wear!


The Clothes Horse said...

That blue leopard print one is amazing! I always wanted a neon yellow prom dress, but I couldn't find one for some reason...
P.S. I'm not going to post my school name on my site, because it's small and Christian and I'm not the kind of publicity they want. However, I'll tell you here (just don't spread it around, okay?): Messiah College.

Elizabeth said...

i want my prom night to be totally unexpected so i don't have much of a dream at the moment. but my fave out of those is the vintage!

ana b. said...

I love all these different outfits and the different personas. But above all I think whatever you wear, you wear it for yourself and you wear it because you absolutely love it! I had a great time at my prom. Unfortunately, I didn't have much style back then so my prom dress is pretty hidey ;)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i love the first dress! oddly i didn;t go to my prom! think i was the only one out of the year, at the time i just didn;t see the point of spending lots of money on something i'm going to wear once so i spent the money on 3 whole new outfits instead! although i'd love to dress up in gorgeous dresses these days :)

F Blog said...

I lovee the DKNY dress. Sure we can exchange links!

ZombieLace said...

Looking back on my prom, I wish I had taken the opportunity to wear a totally crazy awesome 80's dress or something, but alas, I played it safe...

Ace said...

My school didn't have a prom, but my boyfriends school did so I went to his. I had a gorgeous Juliet looking light purple dress with ribbons all over it. The prom itself was fun, but sadly, not worth all the hype prom gets. Being in a limo was cool though. I just wish I had gotten to go in a limo with my friends instead of his. As it turned out, he wasn't a very good boyfriend beyond being a prom date.